19 June 2011

18 June 2011

Machine Coalition Cutter Build

I asked if y'all wanted to see the starships, and y'all said you wanted to see 'em. Well this weekend I am starting a pair of cutters (think large starfighter or small light freighter), for my Machine Coalition faction (more details about them at the end).

Step one, the core shape that inspires me to start, a squat-ish cylinder that used to contain jelly beans I use to bribe/appease the resident house ape. Perfect for a tail-sitter once the external details are applied.

Some issues, since I don't know what the exact plastic formulation, the plastic solvent test is inconclusive, meaning it is taking a while for Plastic Weld join it to a bit of known stock. Sometimes just a dab of it on a corner is enough to tell, others a bit more, such as trying to join a bit of know stock to it. As I got into a bit of a hurry I decided to go with a different method of modeling, one where you build up a basic shape then apply a clay or putty surface over it. In this case I will be using Magic Sculpt, Greenstuff and other epoxy putties. In some ways this is a more powerful method than straight plastic modeling, but it is a longer method, as each layer needs to cure before progressing to the next.

The second step, building up the under shape. In the following two pictures you see the build up, I used 1/8th inch (3mm) foamcore, double-sided and masking tapes. Mostly for speed. I have used Hot glue in the past, I would have durning this build, but the gun and the glue-sticks seem to be mutually exclusive this weekend.

Step three, marking up the core for application for initial application of putty. Here I have drawn where I want hatches or other detail to go. Places to start.
The Machine Coalition is a collection of Free Droids, AIs, Cyborgs and other machine life that has banded together to support each other in these troubled times. Their main ethos is survival, they are not hostile to other groups or organic life. Frequently they are found running small machine/repair shops, scavenging etc...

Update; Plastic is definitely incompatible with my normal stock Both Cutters will be built along the same lines.

10 June 2011

Other's Art to inspire.

Arne Niklas Jansson's website ANDROID ARTS is always a inspiration. His work is re-imagining various video games and in some case miniatures games into his anime inspired style. While cartoony in some ways it works to inspire new directions.

06 June 2011

Bob, the Bus and the new stage floor

A quick look at the new "improved" stage floor and a look at the painting progress of the bus.
The tumbleweeds are poly-pom-poms from Michaels they look kinda cheesy here but are great on the table.

03 June 2011

A question of Inclusion

Over the years I have built, and am still in the process of building a variety of small Starships, all in 1/100th (15mm). These are the working ships of the frontiers, think Millennium Falcon or Serenity.

Should I include their ilk here?

02 June 2011

Kicking the tires on the Comanche MATV

Got Rebel Mini's MATV Comanche in the mail today figure I would throw up pics of Bob comparing it to the Fennek. I am thinking I should find where I parked my Old Glory 15mm Hummv just so I can have another example/scale vehicle for picks like these.