30 December 2011

Wasteland Terrain

I have been playing Wasteland Empire on Facebook, and I have had a little inspiration.

A cistern/well to provide you wasteland Community with water. A pill bottle and a couple of desiccant containers and some wood shapes.

A coupe of woodblock houses.... still in need of doors, windows and siding....

24 December 2011

Tribal Pringles Can Terrain and project review.

Well shopping for mass to fill the void that is the Boys hunger i cam across a flat of lunch sized Pringles cans (Ok, I ate some too...). I had been pondering Tribal dwellings (see the second picture) and well the cans sparked an idea (and Ideas around here are pretty common, from the numbers of started projects). 

A page from the sketch book. A lot of bad ideas start out here, and as I work in sculpture it never has really been burning desire to post the cartoons I work from. 

Here is your basic Quonset hut, which one of the can split in half With the lid (also in half) hot glued in place at the other end. Heavy Duty scissors are fine for cutting the side-walls of the can, tinsnips for the top rim and the metal bottom. 

Then a little Hot glue to attach it to a Old CD as a base. Details will follow, thinking I might enlist the Boy in detailing, he is alway after me for more.....

Lastly we have a brief introduction of the Crowd, these are a bunch of pawns I picked up at a local game shop for a game idea. They are glued to clear 15mm rounds, and the final step is to number/letter code the bottom. The Idea is that the players need to find specific individuals in a crowd. I was just going to paint a mess of left-over figures dark gray and give them a heavy white drybrush... Then I saw the Pawns.....

In other News I am not quitting the NueSpeeder Project, I am putting it on the side board while I go back to other projects. More wheels I think and the related vehicles, and I have a mess of plastic tanks and other armor to finish. And my poor Alien Mercenaries and Mutants are jones-ing for their rides...

And I just realized I have a week to finish the following..... Tango Boat of the Apocalypse, it was started as a part of a building contest on the forum Post Apoc Wargames. The Pilot house needs it upper and and the well needs its roof, an am contemplating a couple of side mounted Flamethrowers and/or gun mounts....

17 December 2011

Bob and a Machine Coalition Skimmer

Ok this is a example of fiddling while I am watching a movie on the computer. All of this is straight out of my various bits bins, mostly the wooden shapes bucket. Michels frequently puts all their wood bits on sale, when I catch one I buy all the interesting ones I find, mostly cubes (with a little paint instant cargo). The metal bits are from the Maatac line of tanks now by Monday Knight Productions, who at conventions have a large chunk of their lines out in bins where one can buy bits by the ounce. Add a handy big bottle of Aleene's and things happen. 

04 December 2011

Argh! Detail.....

Well is the 1st nearly done Of this project, this my Homage to the SavannaMaster.

Things that I have learned with this project so far.
  • Have a stronger plan. Basic form. Detail, etc... 
  • Smaller details eat up far more time than the gross form.
  • A quick casting system would be very nice. Thinking silicone putty molds like Mold Putty from Alumilite.
  • Maybe a series of parts is the best path.
  • Magic Sculpt needs to set some before working details.
Those are my short list if discoveries, I think I need a specific sketch/workbook for these related projects. I would just use my iPad, but if you saw how dirty my fingers got paper is so much better.