02 June 2011

Kicking the tires on the Comanche MATV

Got Rebel Mini's MATV Comanche in the mail today figure I would throw up pics of Bob comparing it to the Fennek. I am thinking I should find where I parked my Old Glory 15mm Hummv just so I can have another example/scale vehicle for picks like these.


  1. All I have to say is ya gotta love mail order....

  2. Hi Evyn, Rebels vehicle is very nice, but to be honest I think you should make a mold of your own scratchbuild and cast yourself up a platoons worth and use them in a 15mm Sci fi army, you have done a pretty decent job I think, and it would be good to see a whole corner of your parking lot filled with these.

  3. Dan, I am working on it. It is a process, hopefully it won't take too long to figure all the appropriate steps out.