31 May 2011

The Delta Sub in her base colors

Here is the Delta Sub in her Base colors. Getting the mottled Green just right has been a chore, but now that it look like what my minds eye sees, the rest is just detail. Looking at it again I still amd seeing brush marks.... Detail painting should solve that....


30 May 2011

Pics of the Parking Lot and other time wasters

In the center of the parking lot we see my latest fidget piece. It still needs a roof and other bits of detail. Front is the end with the turret and duel wheels. This is the 1st with my sculpted wheels.

Everything on the pad is 15mm and either something I built or used as a scale reference.

I have been painting all weekend around drinking and a multitude of beginning of Summer BBQs/Birthdays and National Holidays. I would have taken pictures of the Painting table but the document camera is having issues with my USB extension cable.

On to the paint table again, it is very well populated so a chunk of this weekend was finishing other projects so I could have room to paint the more recent vehicles.


27 May 2011

Rumination about what is.

I just rediscovered Sean Patten's web site IronHand.com it give lots of material for the ol' brain mill. In other things the paint table keeps getting occluded by those little nasty house maintenance chores that seem to expand fill otherwise useful hobby time.

So my real question is why does it take me so long to get anything painted?

I will sit and build like there is no tomorrow. But once a project gets to paint it slows down....

Well the boy is gone all tomorrow, I get to chain myself to the table and make some head way...

Hopefully I will have pictures to post by sunday.

22 May 2011

Bob and the Delta Sub.

Well I haven't been asleep at the wheel, life, the aborted rapture and all just seem to get in the way of constructive posting.

Anyways I present Mouse converted to Pocket Sub. Well the old vaio's mouse was just sitting around and well everybody else was doing it....

09 May 2011

Problems on the road, and off books Surplus

Well here is the Wrecker read for priming. I am finding a lot of the detail work doesn't show up very well in my photos, mostly do to the white on white of the raw plastic. I plan to shoot some more pictures once they are all primed and the 1st couple of passes dry brushing and washes are on, then I hope the detail will pop more.

Well here is the Landspeeder that I built when I hit the detail wall earlier this week. Heavily inspired by a certain large miniatures companies 3rd gen speeder. I figure it as 2 crew and a 6 place squad bay.

And lastly a general size shot of the Speeder. Just to get a feeling for how it fits.

06 May 2011

I think I need smaller fingers

I am doing the artist block thing tonight, I primed the bus and set about building details to finish the the Wrecker and the Jeep. And well all that was running around my head was Landspeeders. So I built one, or at least my copy of of a GW Space Marine one, or at least I started one.

I figure if I can exorcise the idea then I can get back to finishing other models that are further along in the process.

The Boat is distressed but still needs a pilothouse and finish the well.

The wrecker need its outer skin on the bed. Meaning the tool compartments and the lifting arm (I am going to use one of GZG's).

The Jeep, Provider with tank, Fennek and Gecko watertruck just need external stowage. Most of the distressing on these will be in the painting.

I also have been pondering crews for all these vehicles. It not like I don't have the figures for them, a huge collection of figures is a much smaller space that the equivalent in 28mm, and I have been buying for a decade. Rediscovering past purchases is a joy, I have a huge army of gangs, I apparently bought most of the AK47 line from PeterPig. Not to mention significant portions of the Wild West line (but this is left over from the Legends of the Old West idea from a couple of years ago (Not to mention looking for characters for a certain Brown-coated Freetrader Traveller game)).

Back to the Garage, too many hoods are up.


04 May 2011

Ready for the Paint booth.

Well, the bus is ready for Paint. Hopefully I will have more ready to this point soon, the Boat is stalled at the pilot house, I have ideas, but none are compelling. I also have several other vehicles that just need details like baggage and stowage.