14 August 2011

Ain't dead yet....

It has been a while since I have posted, Sorry (actually I am, I like talking about what I am doing). Have had a couple of large 1:1 scale projects here at Casa MacDude, the Bigboss will be here for a month from Japan in a couple of weeks, and she starts at "Not Amused". As well as working hard on making enough Lucre to travel north to spend some time with "She who Understands and gives Comfort" We have both been busy with our own lives.

Add to that I have been distracted by a couple of new miniatures projects; the 1st is Mega-Hex a The Fantasy Trip inspired geomorphic Space Labyrinth, based on 7 hex "megahexes". Also working on specific rules for using them, mostly adapting using them to Savage Worlds/Savage Showdown rules. Will post them once I and the Test Dummy (aka "The Boy", aka "Onboar") are happy with them.

The second is a set of Neuspeeders, think SF3D inspired Star-Wars-ish gravity skimmers (man, that sounds cooler in my head than it looks typed out). The are highly organic in form with technic details and the 1st set are giving me fits. I posted a couple of pics in earlier post, listed as turret-less tanks but really something closer to Gun Trucks, as the scaling is towards the automobile size rather than the larger AFV/Tank scale. Here is a gallery of models fueling my inspiration.

Lastly a set of hand drawn "Loot" cards for my Post Apocalyptic game.

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