05 September 2011

Here is what is on the Stage.

A we all know I am a inhabitant of the Miniatures page and the question was asked; What is on our work benches. Well to be honest I have two main ones, The Stage, where all my pictures are taken, or really the end of my desk, because that is the range of the cord on my Document camera. And lots of construction takes place there. The other is the paint table, which I try to keep clean of construction debris, as the sanding and little bits tend to get all over. 

These first 4 are of a shuttle made out of expanded foam covered with Magic Sculpt, to be honest it has been kicking around the worktable for the last 18 months as the initial idea for texturing failed and the sanding has taken forever.... I was doing it by hand, pulled out the finishing sander today to knock down the mistake. The black lining is sharpie, which I used to figure out the the areas that need further work.

The technique is to paint/mark the surface, then sand it all over with a block. This clearly marks the divits in the surface that might need work. The real trick is to find a firm enough foam sanding block so that you skip the need work areas.

Note, to remove the Sharpie I will use either Acetone or Denatured Alcohol when I prep for painting.

(Edit, 09/05/2011 17:05, the shuttle is 20cm long, 9.5cm wide, 5.5cm tall to the top of the main hull, 6cm to the top of the sensor wing.)

And Chinese left-overs, yes I eat too many meals sitting in front of the Computer, 

And Finally a selection of tools that float around the work tables.


  1. that shuttle is intriguing, could look very high tech once done.

  2. We will see, it has been kicking around for so long I am just going to happy when it is done.