04 December 2011

Argh! Detail.....

Well is the 1st nearly done Of this project, this my Homage to the SavannaMaster.

Things that I have learned with this project so far.
  • Have a stronger plan. Basic form. Detail, etc... 
  • Smaller details eat up far more time than the gross form.
  • A quick casting system would be very nice. Thinking silicone putty molds like Mold Putty from Alumilite.
  • Maybe a series of parts is the best path.
  • Magic Sculpt needs to set some before working details.
Those are my short list if discoveries, I think I need a specific sketch/workbook for these related projects. I would just use my iPad, but if you saw how dirty my fingers got paper is so much better.


  1. Have you looked at just using press molds for quick and dirty casting?

  2. Yes.....

    It is the part of figuring out what I need to make, and of that what I need copies of. Then how to copy them.