25 April 2012

New Cars on the Walled Garden Lot.

Here are a couple of new vehicles for the Walled Garden's parking lot. 

1st up is a armored convoy point car. Armed with fixed forward Heavy Minigun with a large ammo drum and Ram-plate. The driver is surrounded by a full roll-cage and 5-point crash restraint seat, directly behind the driver is a small cargo area which is accessed by a armored hatchback.

A light road truck built-up from a Johann Wildebeest 6x6 light utility, it retains the Wildebeest's brand signature cab mounted air intake. As always a Wildebeest isn't fast, but it will keep on going long after others fail.

Modeling notes, these all styrene construction using both Evergreen card and tubes, with Kotobukiya M.S.G bits. The wheels are Evergreens telescoping tubing, in this case three layers of tube glued together then cut to proper width for the tires, and a number of appropriate sized disks punched out with my new punch from MicroMark, I bought it because it has sized dies ranging from 3/32nds to 9/32nds which are mostly larger than the dies available on your average rotary leather punch.

Game Notes; Johann Wildebeest was a major range/agricultural equipement Manufacturer in the American OutWorld colonies.


  1. Those're lovely little things!

  2. Pretty cool, I think the truck is a little to small though, although that could be due to the figure being based so high.

  3. The truck is small, think of being based off an old Jeep or a slightly larger than norma John Deere "Gator", both of which are the size of subcompact cars in their base forms. And yes the bases on figures make then look smaller, I am considering building a photo base for vehicles so as to minmise the hight distortion when photographing them next to my comparison figures.