12 May 2012

RV's of the OutWorlds....

Here we have a Caravan with all the gross detailing done, ready for all the finishing bits. Things to be added; the back porch, steps for all the doors, door handles, a front grill, maybe some more bumper on the front and of course lights. I am considering a Solar panel for the roof of the living section as well as a HVAC unit on the cab roof.

The overall project I am working on is a Wastelands Truck Caravan, another couple of of RV's, I have a couple of tank trucks, one a Gekko Pickup the other a Provider (both from Old Crow), planned but not decided on actual form are at least two cargo trucks in the rolling peddlers shop motif. Add to these a number of outriders driving bikes, cars, etc... etc...

Game terms for this vehicle are still being figured out, but it is a relatively slow vehicle think 50 to 60 mph full out geared for torque (figure granny gear) with a Off-road suspension and tires. Range over speed is the emphasis. Both the cab and the "house" are armored, at least in terms of a normal RV's skin which really is no better that cardboard against firearms. All three doors have "doorgunner" rigs for Machine guns and the side windows on the House act as firing ports.

Back-story is that this is built up from a wrecked exploratory truck by the current driver/owners grandfather and he took took up working the road with several like minded Owner/Operators.

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