11 June 2012

Boats in the Yard

First off, the Genetics Experiment graduated from High School a year early last week, my house has been occupied with relatives who we don't see too often. Mostly due to Large oceans separating us (which is in general a GOOD thing). In the pile of received boxes I received the following additions for the boat yard here in the Walled Garden. 

Thanks Dan. 

So it looks to be a Nautical Summer. Dan, if you where here instead of Hell... I mean... Texas, I would force you to play with me in the shop finishing these out....

Looking over these sparks my mind the terrain needed to support, thinking floating docks, residential barges, a floating market, etc. etc... Which suits a segment of the game world in my head which I like to call the Delta, which is a Post Apocalyptic pastiche of of large river deltas, mangrove swamps, levee protected lowlands world wide. 

Also on the table is more Mega-hexes for more of that deep down in the rubble and sewers, dungeon crawling goodness. This time with vehicles. The modeling limitations is a maximum vehicle size of three meters long by two and half meters wide and tall think the size of GZG's Mule  

If y'all remember I converted some of these a while back into Mini-APCs, this time I will be building from the ground up mostly (this really depends how long it takes to find stuff that got moved in my last spate of house-guests, Mom is getting old and she puts stuff away reflexively, even if it is in my office). But the good news is all the kipple that was occupying my Paint table has been put up in new or traditional homes, so the traditional drag of clean, work or build that normally gets in the way of painting isn't there.

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