06 May 2011

I think I need smaller fingers

I am doing the artist block thing tonight, I primed the bus and set about building details to finish the the Wrecker and the Jeep. And well all that was running around my head was Landspeeders. So I built one, or at least my copy of of a GW Space Marine one, or at least I started one.

I figure if I can exorcise the idea then I can get back to finishing other models that are further along in the process.

The Boat is distressed but still needs a pilothouse and finish the well.

The wrecker need its outer skin on the bed. Meaning the tool compartments and the lifting arm (I am going to use one of GZG's).

The Jeep, Provider with tank, Fennek and Gecko watertruck just need external stowage. Most of the distressing on these will be in the painting.

I also have been pondering crews for all these vehicles. It not like I don't have the figures for them, a huge collection of figures is a much smaller space that the equivalent in 28mm, and I have been buying for a decade. Rediscovering past purchases is a joy, I have a huge army of gangs, I apparently bought most of the AK47 line from PeterPig. Not to mention significant portions of the Wild West line (but this is left over from the Legends of the Old West idea from a couple of years ago (Not to mention looking for characters for a certain Brown-coated Freetrader Traveller game)).

Back to the Garage, too many hoods are up.


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