30 May 2011

Pics of the Parking Lot and other time wasters

In the center of the parking lot we see my latest fidget piece. It still needs a roof and other bits of detail. Front is the end with the turret and duel wheels. This is the 1st with my sculpted wheels.

Everything on the pad is 15mm and either something I built or used as a scale reference.

I have been painting all weekend around drinking and a multitude of beginning of Summer BBQs/Birthdays and National Holidays. I would have taken pictures of the Painting table but the document camera is having issues with my USB extension cable.

On to the paint table again, it is very well populated so a chunk of this weekend was finishing other projects so I could have room to paint the more recent vehicles.



  1. You are getting a nice collection done.

  2. I like the gun truck in the middle, and the armourd car top right, have you thought of making a mold and duplicating them? My Colonial Marines could use some of those amoured cars.

  3. My hands keep fiddling along, then i open a drawer, I have quite the collection of 15mm vehicles between what I have picked up over the years and am building.

    I have had several people ask about me reproducing some of the models I have been making. Yes I am considering it. The huge issue right now is to start building the models from the ground up to be cast. And this also depends on what I choose as a casting medium.

    As for the Fennek it has the problem of using Jon of Ground Zero Games Wheels, I have been thinking of removing the wheels and casting the body and buying a passel of appropriate wheels from GZGs and selling them that way.