01 November 2011

Yet Another NeuSpeeder Upadate

Ok the first three are off the stands and in the final phase, which is adding the surface details. While the core details are done here it might take several applications of putty to get the detail right. Bob and one of GZG's Wheeled MAWP with tribarrel autocannon are in each pic for scaling purposes (Yes, I know that they need better paint jobs).

Ok this one is pretty speeder like with the aircraft kind of canopy. The plan is to add a in-body forward fixed mount on the left side next to the canopy (the green oblong, next to the blue canopy blob in the lower picture). Behind and to the right of the Canopy I am going to mount a multicell launcher (I haven't figured out what it looks like yet).

This one I have been referring to has the Floating Brick, I like how it is progressing, the yellow band will become a recessed windscreen, armament is yet to be decided, though I am leaning towards a Mecha arm sorta arraignment hanging out from the lugs...

This last one is a hommage to Battletech's Savannah Master, hoards of them I have used over the years to eat other peoples mechs..... Tiny hockey puck with a big laser.... What could be better?

The steps here are cleaning up the attachment point to the stand. Figuring out how to loft the figure on the table in a obtrusive mannor (I really don't like basing vehicles) And weapons, there are two schools of thought about this, the purest is I make the bits myself, the other is what is commonly available i.e. kit-bashing....

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