28 October 2011

NeuSpeeder Detailed Update

Ok, a quick recap of the NeuSpeeder Project; the base idea is automobile scaled armored LandSpeeders  that trade with the walled Fortress Towns of the Post Apocalypse Wastelands. The core trope is CarWars with LandSpeeders. This group is all generally supposed to be car sized. There plans for truck and bus sized speeders as well as SpeederBikes both open and enclosed when I have gotten a firmer handle on the shapes.

Base construction consistes of taking a appropriately sized wad of Magic Sculpt (I get my supply from Tap Plastics as they have several local stores), and applying it to sculpting stand. The stands I am using are just recycled soda bottle caps rescued from the recycling bin. Then I do a rough shaping to said wad with my fingers to get it into an approximately auto-ish shape. I tend to go a little wild in this phase and work up a lot of teardrop or ellipsoid shapes because I can always go back an bulk out shapes that don't cut the grade when the next layer or two is applied. The last step in this phase, and every phase is after the Magic Sculpt cures a liberal sanding with a course grade sponge cored sanding block, this roughs up the surface for the next layers and also allows basic refinement of the core shape. I clean up after sanding by throughly brushing the piece with a stiff-ish brush and a wipe down with a Isopropyl Alcohol saturated paper towel.

The next phase is the bulk out. Here is where the final shape is defined in little steps. Each shape or step is applied with a different color of Magic Sculpt, which gives better contrast than the basic translucent off-white that is the core color of Magic Sculpt. This stage uses more tools than just my fingers, mostly reshaped popsicle sticks. I prefer wood tools as if you let them soak in a jar of water, that way the Magic Sculpt doesn't stick to them, very much. Note, Magic Sculpt thins and softens with the addition of water. so when working with damp tools it is a good idea keep a few paper towels handy. While this phase is about building up to and finalizing the core shape, the detail/surface layer is still to come. Sanding uses more tools beyond the basic corse sponge cored sanding block, I have found cheap emory boards in various grades work well for refinement. Coloring the Magic Sculpt is accomplished by add a little bit of Paste Pigment after the two parts have been throughly mixed. I generally use a little bit of barrier coat on my hands while I am working with the putty. If you have any sensitivity to epoxies gloves are advised. 

This one is done up as a test of concept "Tank Destroyer" / Turret-less tank.

Proto Service Body Pickup.

This one I am thinking just needs detail work.

Micro Bus

Another Tank concept

These are the tools used so far. Shaped Popsicle Sticks and Clay/Color Shapers. 

Sponge cored Sanding blocks in various grades. 

Various colors of paste Pigment. (Gray, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow and Brown, this way I can mix up to nearly any shade) 

General thought at this point in the project are than maybe using another material as the core might be an idea. I am thinking maybe balsa wood, something realativly malleable and fast to put up. The other idea in maybe a composite of puttyies for the outer layers, as a 50/50 mix of Greenstuff and Magic Sculpt has far different handling characteristics than straight Magic Sculpt.


  1. now they are really starting to take shape.

  2. Dan a couple of models are rounding the corner towards detailing. A couple are at the "Looks like Ass" stage, meaning I don't like them, they are ugly, etc.. etc... The trick is to keep going beating on them till they look like something again....