07 October 2012

The Water Works and Associated Madness

Well last I posted it was Machine Coalition Terrain, and  in the process of making room of the painting table I found Five Ground Zero Games Shanties and the Water Works ready for paint. The Water Works is a bash-up of a pill bottle, a couple of desiccant cylinders, some wood bits and a small nickel snap (look in the notions department of your local craft and sewing shop). The curb work at the bottom is just a bit of epoxy putty (Could be either greenstuff, Procreate or Magic-Sculpt, can't remember which and it was primered when I started painting)
Water Works

GZG Shanty

Another GZG Shanty
Next we have a little car I like to call the Slabmaster, it is in the classic American style, in that it is a slab of metal gently resting on beefy repulsers that propel it to agressive highway speeds. On the straight-away.....

Modeling-wise, it is sitting waiting for that bit of inspiration of what finishing details it needs beyond the the obvious. For once this isn't a point of hating the looks of a model, but one I love it so much I don't want to muss it up.

Slabmaster One

Slabmaster One

Slabmaster One

Here is a picture Angry Arthor, Monster Skinner, all dressed up in his Pandora Working clothes. In miniatures terms he is Gath from Rebel Minis 5150 set, he was sitting on the bench thus a picture.

Angry Arthor

Lastly a picture of "28mm" scale figures that are perfectly usable in 15mm, Bob is standing in for referance. The floating Robots are "Small Floating Robot #1" from Black Cat Bases, the lizards are Cynoraptors from the Viridians faction of the Void 1.1 line now available from Scotia Grendal. As for their various basing options shown here, Bob is on 15mm round from Litko, the Robots are on their supplied flight bases, and the Cynoraptors are on hand cut 12 x 20mm handcut plastic bases.

Bob and Friends


  1. Great looking stuff, love the shantys

  2. Superb looking buildings. Lots of stuff going.