06 September 2012

Machine Coalition Outpost

1st off I really need to clean my desk, or at least figure out a better place to shoot my pictures. I have been tied up doing summer stuff and working on my obsession very little, kinda I cleaned and sorted the painting table and am slowly making my way through the huge back log of figures/models that need paint, so in a word I am not meeting the pledge at all this year.

With that I have assembled and am painting GZG's Shack Set set I should have some pics up soon. Pictured below is the beginnings of a Machine Coalition Out Post. Basic construction uses the Platformer and Hexagon sets from IMEX that a mate of mine gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I recently discovered the boxes again in my vast collection of junk, and while looking through huge number of sprues a Idea occurred. A thus was born the Network Hub and Accommodation/Storage Unit of a Machine Coalition Outpost. 

MC Network Hub (front)
MC Network Hub (side)
MC Network Hub (rear)
MC Accommodation/Storage Unit (front)
MC Accommodation/Storage Unit (rear oblique)

Some more random notes from the desk;

I have a bunch of terrain warming up in the bullpin for further blogs, as terrain sits around the edges of my projects taunting me with the facts that my little metal guys need a world to play in. Or that is how it feels. With that I am still trying to figure out what my PA fuel station is going to look like.

I used to use GW's 60mm round flat bases for incidental terrain pieces, such as Moisture stills, gardens, rubble piles, etc. etc... But in their infinite wisdom they have now priced these like they are gold, so a new solution needed to be found, and I realize that I could just cut my own out of plastic card, but I am lazier than that. Or I should say the processe that produces said terrain is driven by inspiration and having a handy base means it gets done. So any ways, I have settled on Flames of Wars Large Bases, the size seems good. So far I have mounted GZG's Shacks on them as well a Well/Cistern unit that fits well with the shacks, all six pieces are on the painting table as I write this so there should be pictures of them soon.

In a freak fungus/closed paint box incident here at Casa MacDude I have been having a jolly old time sorting out my collection of Vallejo Paints, the fungus in the plastic tool box ate mos of the labels off the paint bottles along with the reference smear of paint, so I am having to redo them all, In the same process I am finding which bottles where quite close tight enough. The funny thing is the Old GW brand Coat'd Arms post cam through the incident quite unscathed. So the up side is that my 20+ year old inherited collection of GW paints are still getting broken out for use in pinch still. An ex-roommate of mine bought several boxes of the GW paints when they came out, and left them behind when he moved on. While I am not a prolific painter I have used a lot of other paints over the years only dipping in to this collection when in need, thus the longevity.

More Soon.



  1. These look good, very borg looking.

  2. Yes that is what I thought too.... Just have to figure out how I am going to rust it...

  3. Like your ideas. very creative. Have to try something similar.

  4. I just started painting it. So we'll see how it comes out.

  5. Very cool and unique terrain, absolutely perfect for a faction called the "machine coalition"!