18 November 2012

Test build kinda...

Ok this started as a none-GW Universe ship for use with the Battlefleet Gothic Rule set, and it has turned into a shape test for 15mm GravSkimmer. (Yes, technically this is part of my NewSpeeder model set of vehicles, but in styrene instead of epoxy putty)

Following are the standard three views. Yes, I need to clean my desk off, so I can get better lighting set up.


  1. Looks promising. Will it have any weaponry?

  2. Yes, as soon as I find my BFG bits box.

    The actual speeder is under construction now. It is in the gross detail stage now.

  3. Nice work so far. Pics r fine, more details on materials and methods used would be greatly appreciated. R those styrene sheets that you r using..if so what size. Also, what did u use for the engines. I would like 2 try something similar. Thanks

  4. This model is all laminated styrene sheets and shapes. the engines are just 3/8ths inch evergreen tube cut to 3/8ths lengths with a bit of telescoping tube inside. Then mated to a couple of layers of 0.040 inch card then the boxes and flat details are built up from there.

    Generally I use scribed Evergreen sidewalk to quickly build up boxes which subsequent layers are built up on for the rough details/shapes.

    In the early stages besides the scribed sheets I use plain Styrene sheet in 0.040 inch as it the same thickness as the scribed sheets. And it is approx. 1mm thick and 3 laminated sheets equal approx. 1/8th inch (I know I am mixing units here, but in terms of the scale I build in, 1/100th it is handy in that 3/8ths of an inch is real close to 1cm or 1 scale meter so knowing the relation makes things easier).

    The next big thing is the type of cement, Use a liquid cement. I use Plastruct Plastic Weld as it is pretty versatile in the number of commonly available plastics it will bond. It is fast and generally provides a good bond. Use in a well ventilated space.

    The next three tools are the basics, an exacto knife with a good supply of blades, steel 6 inch rulers, and good pair of flat ground side cutting pliers. A small self-healing cutting mat is nice too, but an old phone book is also pretty good as well.

    Other tools that are handy are at pinvise with a swivel handle (the bezel on the top) and a selection of bits, a Carbide tipped scribe which is handy for scribing panel lines, starting cuts etc... And finally a sanding block with fine and med grit sand paper or what I use now are the permanent grit sponge sanders (when you are laminating flat sheets giving one of the two surfaces a quick once over helps a lot with the bond).

    Most of these tools are readily available in any good-sized Hardware store, generally cheaper than what a hobby store will have them for.

    As for Styrene sheet, most of mine comes from a local plastics supplier a 4 by 8 foot sheet of 0.040 generally runs about $20, thiner sheets less. Evergreen scribed sheets are running about $5 for a 6 by 12 inch piece, and only generally available in Hobby and art stores. Evergreen tubes and shapes ten run about $3 a package the amount you get depends on the how big each piece is.Another good source for sheet styrene are plastic "For Sale" signs in the hardware store.

    Also I have posted various projects in past blog posts, they might give some help as well.

  5. I really dig this, and I think it looks like a great shape for use as a ship, any chance you're going to give it a paint job for use as both?