30 June 2013

Lost Time and other shit....

It's been a long and rough year here in the Walled Garden, started with my last funding source drying up and then by an Obstructed Bowel requiring emergency exploratory surgery which was followed by a return to the hospital with post surgical complications... Which in all means I spent all of April in a Public Hospital and all of May and most of June here at the Casa in not much of a mood to model or paint (a Healing 7 inch long incision in ones abdomen tends complain when y'all are leaning over the work table concentrating, not to mention the omnipresent vacuum pump keeping said incision closed (while being a visible cyborg is kinda neat, external hardware tends to make every move a chore)). The Doctors, Nurses and Staff of Highland Hospital in Oakland, Ca. were all fantastic. Weirdly while the medical aspects of this sound gorey and painful, it mostly wasn't, frustration is mostly what I felt, while stuck in the hospital (attached to multiple tubes) you pretty much stuck with TV or reading and waiting.... This isn't bad if you are still getting intravenous Pain Meds, but once you are past that and having one bag putting fluid in, antibiotics etc... etc... it pretty much becomes a grind... I had lots of ideas wrote a few of them down, sketched a few out, but mostly waiting....

And The weird/new/untried ideas.

This was supposed to be a Mecha/Dreadnaught sort of year, yet I have not either played, written/modified rules for or built any.

I have a number of Speeder Models that were started as various times in the past 24 months that still languish for final detail work or more. But there is a bigger issue here in that I keep vacillating between 6 mm and 15 mm or do both (the latter is probably closer to the truth, Have you seen some of the stuff from Angel Barracks?)

I have also circled around on Terrain and table ideas a couple of times, mostly in the frame of full 3d or 2.5d, the idea of using hand drawn maps a base then layers of foamcore rising up out of the map. Then for selected bits of terrain could be built on base for 3d accents.... I may just have to build/draw a board and take pictures to really get the idea across. Architectural models do things like this often.

Anyways these are the ideas in this 1st week free of any free-floating medical devices that are attached (the wound is almost healed) and with the long list of things should have gotten done in the past 12 weeks, I am adding to it for the fun stuff....

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