27 October 2011

NeuSpeeder's next Layers

Ok, first off Found Bob! So we have our Scale guy back. 

In these two pictures we see two layers and some paste-up with wooden craft rectangles and hot glue. In the top picture you can see complete revision of a core shape of one of these vehicles (the mostly gray one). The bottom picture you can see the addition to the core with the addition of craft shapes with hot glue, I did this give a more angular core shape. I could have done the addition with putty, but the hot glue gun was just sitting there and mixed media seemed like an idea.


I have a bunch of newer work to show off from the last couple of sessions, just have to shoot pictures. I also am pondering the construction of light vehicular weapons. While for these I will probably dig into the bits bin, I have a bunch of old Mech bits kicking around. And have been pondering some the current lines of Mech figures that I can purchase bits for (both Reaper's CAV line and IWM Battletech lines have bits available).

More laters,


  1. they're starting to take shape.

  2. Shooting pics tonight...