20 April 2011

A New Jeep and Roof details

Here is some roof and frontend detail on the armored car. Still pondering what other details to add, mostly the engine compartment and gear stowage covers. Made a huge mistake with the front side windows, the ends are supported by a frame based on the underlaying laminated sheet build, leaving a void behind the facing sheets. Well, those started bothering me while I had the Squadron Green out filling the surface gaps, and well I filled them. In one step. Then I sealed the area with the roofing sheet. Well the putty wasn't completely cured and the solvent took shortest path out, through the "window" sheet.

And here is the 1st of the Automotive scale vehicles. Something vaguely Jeep like. I was looking at a Battlefront Willies Jeep for general wheelbase size, and pondering GZG's 25mm Resin Range Trunk. The build was fast 3 hours when you remove the time I took today for Barbecuing pork and generally fixing and eating dinner. But that tends to be the case with blocky Plasti-Card builds.

I am pondering both details and the shape of the next vehicle. I am trying to avoid the generic "dune buggy" look. But with the genre I probably will build one, thinking of the vehicles in movies.


  1. coming along nicely, I really like that first one, the second one is good to. Keep them coming.

  2. Very nice. I like the way the 1st jeep is turning out. The second one seems a little small next to the mini, though it has a very nice shape.

  3. Well, the Jeep is Jeep sized, or figure an old un-raised truck bodied 4-runner (does it date me that I remember those?).