28 April 2011

Travelling and the Delta Blues

Here is the Bus with all of it's detail sans the baggage in the roof rack. As you can see there is an amount of Redneck applique armor, which just random chunks of card from the off-cuts bin. The ladder and handrails are stainless safety wire (Note the 1lb can is like $4.00 at HarborFreight). The "zombie" wire on the windows is just a little bit of fiberglass window screening.

And here is the start of 1st watercraft I have ever built from scratch. The theme is PA Delta Pirates, and I figured I would mine my time in the USN's brown water navy for ideas, so a small landing craft is the base. I haven't figured out wether to build just a ferry or a full on Tango Boat, or something in between. Tango Boats by their nature were cobbled together so what ever I come up with will be in the realm.
Bob and the bus in the well for a sense of scale.
The Boat Build is my 1st entry into the Post Apoc Wargames forum's 2011 Boat Building Challenge. And it isn't like the idea hasn't been kicked around on the TMP several times.


  1. the bus is looking good Evyn, maybe thinner wire (fuse wire) for the ladder rungs, but thats not a big thing, am really looking forward to seeing it painted, school bus yellow would be a good choice.

  2. Was thinking that. Actually I have some 1/8th inch mesh hardware cloth I am going to try for my next ladder. I was just using what I had easily at hand when the inspiration hit me.

  3. Exceptioanlly cool, and very inspiring!

  4. Very nice. That bus is really looking nice. Can't wait to see it painted. And great start on the boat.

  5. Me too, banging my head over baggage right now, the only thing holding up getting started on both it and the Jeep.