13 April 2011

Snapshots of the parking lot.

Ok this is most a picture dump of what is being worked on. Still mostly laminated plastic card construction or rough conversions. While the Wrecker needs it's back end finished the other three are at the detail stages. For me detail is genrally a flash of inspiration, sometimes looking at the model, but more often when sorting through the bits bin.

The Bus

The Wrecker

An Old Crow Provider with added center line tank.

Water Truck, another Old Crow model (The Gecko Pickup), well actually two, the big tanks cut down from their Cargo Canister Stack.


  1. These are great, I especially like the way the wrecker is coming along, but that bus is really nice, too.

  2. I like them too, which in a weird way is odd. I frequently suffer from the artists dilemma, where as the creator I see the flaws but not the whole.

  3. good plasticard skills, I like what your doing, where did you get the wheels?

  4. The Wheels are a special order from Ground Zero Games, they are the same ones as the Bulldog Trucks, and other bigger wheeled vehicles.