15 March 2011

City in the Ruins

Some "concrete" slab houses for my Post Apocalyptic Town, the project is aptly named Concrete City. The base construction of these is 100% polymer clay.

The base technique for construction is rolled out slabs of clay which are then cured.
A base plate is cut out of one of the slabs with a exacto knife, or trimmed 1st then cured.
(I sized these so they would fit on a CD)
The remaining slabs are cut in to strips.
The strips are then either cut or broken into appropriate sized chunks for construction.
Construction proceeds by assembling the base form with raw clay and liquid Scuply.
Each stage of construction is cured before proceeding on to the next.
That is basic construction.

This last picture is a composite piece, the bunker is a old resin piece from the Void line. Chunks of Scuply slab and stuck together with a product called Magic Sculpt. Magic Sculpt is available from Tap Plastics and other online retailers. It is a two part epoxy putty that cures to a translucent light gray with a rock hard consistency. To change it's color I added pigment designed fo use with epoxy resins to a mixed up batch.

I am showing these becuase they are on my table and I am pondering detailing them. Besides the normal rubble and battered barrels, i am considering other little touches like plank benches, auto parts and other assorted bits.

Updates will follow.

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  1. Those are very cool. Nice "life among the ruins" effect.