29 March 2011

Rolling along, A Wheel Update.

Ok, a quick update on the Wheel quest.

First off the Magic Sculpt wheels got armored wheel cover sculpted out of straight Greenstuff. I like the effect but I might go to a composite putty mix so I can get sharper edges. But there is a bunch of work still to do so we will see.

The blank on it's side as well as the blank that looks like a white circle are made out of the composite putty, 50/50 Magic Sculpt and Greenstuff. It machines much better than the Magic Sculpt. So further blanks will be a mix. Though I haven't tested out Procreate yet so I reserve my right to change composition.

Lastly the 2 metal wheels on the bottom are from GZG's, I tossed them in for a rough visual comparison.

These are the main tools I use to do the rough shaping of the blanks. The Pen shaped tool is a cheap carbide tipped scribe (a'la Harbor Freight Tools, if you have one of their stores near by they are wonderful source of cheep tools and other weird stuff).

The Dremel Stylus is about the most useful of all my rotary tools. Small enough to be very handy, but heavy enough to stabilize well in my hand.

And a quick note on my camera, I am using an IPEVO document camera it works like a charm. my biggest issue is figuring out the proper lighting. Right now I am using a combination of a desk lamp with a CFL and a little portable LCD OttLite. I think I need better reflectors. As always it is a work in progress.



  1. That's interesting. I agree that the greenstuff armored wheel covers look a little soft, but I bet they'd be fine painted up.

  2. Hey Evyn,

    You might want leave out mixing the green stuff in, GS is designed to be "rubbery" and even when cured will always be somewhat soft even when mixed with harder putties.

    An alternative, if you want to mix, would be to use brown stuff instead. It does not have that "rubbery" feel to it and cures much harder so you can sand, file and lathe the part.

    Alternatively, try using Apoxie Sculpt instead of Magic Sculpt. It cures much harder and is designed to be sanded, drilled and lathed so it's perfect for things like wheels, armor plates and even stone. It also costs less than Magic Sculpt (and you get more of it).

    When you are trying to get something that looks "machined" like vehicles and engine parts etc, you want a putty that can hold very crisp and sharp lines.


  3. Sean I will consider that.

    As far as I know Apoxie Sculpt, Magic Sculpt and Milliput all cure to approximately the same level Hardness. (I haven't used Apoxy Sculpt per se, I am just going off of others reports)

    The mix of Greenstuff and Magic Sculpt it pretty much optimal for my method of making blanks it is a trade off between harness and tool-ability. As well as price as Magic Sculpt is dirt cheep in comparison to the other putties. (Magic Sculpt at TAP Plastics is $40 for the 5 lbs kit Local.while Apoxy sculpt is $35 for the 4 lbs kit, mail order. Simular products and prices)

    As for final detail I am seriously considering your method for details. But with a little work with the emory board and knife on the cured example vastly improved the look. With the addition of a paint job, I think it will be fine. On of the joys of 15mm is paint covers a lot of sins that would be visible with larger sizes.

  4. My bad, it looks like Aves raised their prices. Last time I bought some it was $27 for 4 lbs.

    They do have a similar "shore hardness" on the "D" scale which is pretty hard, Green Stuff is on the "A" scale which is flexible.

    The big difference comes with grain size. The grains for Magic Sculpt and Milliput are larger than Aves so Aves is more dense than the others, I also get a smoother finish with Aves or Miliput Superfine White.

    But whatever works for you best is what I always go with.

  5. Cool, I Didn't know the difference. Though to be honest I generally only use Magic Sculpt to bulk out sculpts or Larger pieces. Or in this case small scale blanks which I can add detail over.

    I still am figuring this all out as I go. So I really appreciate the input.

    One of the ethos I am working under right now is to use up a lot of material that has been hanging around from other projects that I have finished. (And it is a LOT, I was working on a BFA in sculpting alongside of my Geography Degree, ran out of Geography before sculpting.)

    From all that the only thing I have learned is that ones person process is a collaborative effort. So sharing is good.