17 March 2011

The World Intrudes

The real world intrudes here in the walled garden of my fantasy today. My mother, younger brother, his wife and three boys (all under 5 years) live in the greater Tokyo Metropolitan area.

My brother heeding the US State Department's evacuation request has taken his wife and sons south to Hiroshima for and extended visit with his mother-in-law. Which is good in a weird sort of what as his mother-in-law had a sever stroke two and half years ago and has only seen the twins once. Good thing, honest.

My mother has chosen to stay, she is in japan as a missionary and feel s that staying with her church in this time of crisis is important to her work. She is amongst people who care about her and will look out for her safety.

I handle business for both my brother and mother here in the states, I also am the chief contact point, so I get all of it. I have been fielding calls from well wishers and news seekers for days. As well as supporting My families concerns.

My brother is feeling bad about leaving my mother in Tokyo with her mission.
My mother is concerned about how he is feeling.
Good things really, I just am the pivot man.

In the end, colleges of mine and of my younger brother report no substantive rise in background radiation in and around Tokyo. This could change with a significant shift in winds. but not likely. But like everything, prayer isn't out of line.

Thinking about this out loud is all I am really doing. Thanks for your attention.

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