12 March 2011

Yet another 15mm blog.

Well I have been a huge fan of miniature gaming and RPGs for years. Recently, meaning in the last 12 months or so I have been playing and re-playing the Fallout series of video games and I remembered how much I loved playing Post-Apocalypse themed games over the years. Car Wars, Twilight2000 (the 1st edition),GammaWorld, Traveller; The New Era (IMHO the most coherent edition of Traveller in term of internal technological details. Though the current edition by Mongoose has a better character generation and task system akin to the original Little Black Books) and other games not listed but equally loved.

In recent years I have come to the conclusion that 15mm is the best compromise size of miniatures to support the the general genre of Science Fiction Gaming. As such I have advocated and financially (meaning bought) support manufacturers and retailers that have 15mm figures. A few years ago there where very few, but now there are multiple companies producing wonderful new product for my and your amusement.

I intend to show off here the bits I come up with, make, discover in the over all theme of Post Apocalyptic gaming in all its guises. Currently I am a fan of the Savage WorldsandWarhammer40k:RogueTrader (the 1st Edition) rule sets. Though I am constantly reading new rules all the time, Songs of Our Ancestors being one of the more recent set written for ZombieSmith's Quar miniatures (available both in 15mm and 28mm).

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