13 March 2011

Shipping across the Wastelands.

Gecko Pickup from Old Crow Models with Cargo. Somebodies got to do deliveries in the Wasteland. Pictures are of the unpainted modified model and my ham handed attempt at producing a battered finish.

A general cargo truck
This still needs more environmental work, Mud and dust. The cargo is by Ground Zero Games and Green stuff.

A Water Truck
The Main tanks are in the bed, still needs something besides the other clutter. The tanks are cut down from a 3 barrel stack also produced by Old Crow.

The Figure in many of the pictures is Bob. He is from the secondary exploration team from Ground Zero Games (I would include a link, but their site is in flux (meaning undergoing a much needed re-vamping)). I use Bob a general example of the 15mm-ish of any model I am working on.


  1. Great job on the weathering.

  2. Bob's a good guy. Always there when you need him!