14 March 2011

Commentary on Painting Wear

Well I wandered around the web looking for idea on how to paint battered, aged and much loved vehicles of the wastelands. There are several "Ork" tutorials and a very nice on Ramshackle Games web site. Unfortunately they are geared towards 28mm scale vehicles, so some of the techniques described are a little (Ok a lot!) fiddly with 15mm vehicles. So I am adapting the ones that give the best result.

The pictured Outrider from Old Crow Models is an exercise in perfecting the chipped paint effect. (Steps after Pictures (still figuring out Style))

Steps used to get to the point of the pictures. I am using Vallejo's Game Color through out these steps.
  1. Primed in Black
  2. Heavy drybrush with Gunmetal
  3. Successively lighter drybrushing with Hammered Copper, Orange Fire (with Metallic Medium), Chainmail Silver
  4. Using Ghost Gray roughly stipple in the areas where the paint is intact
  5. Then go back over the areas Stippled with the gray with Blood Red, using a stippling motion also, leaving bits of the grey showing through at the edges and center.
  6. A little dab of blue on the lens and nothing else
Things to remember are try to keep thing fairly bright in tone, as washes will be applied later in the paint process and will darken it.

This is experimentation in progress, looks good so far. I any body has suggestions I would love to hear them.


  1. That is one rusty vehicle. Excellent work.